IMPORTANT: The initial petition for the L visa must be requested by the applicant company in the US, with the US immigration agency, the USCIS. After approval of the petition, the form i797 (approval notice) will be generated, in possession of this document, Our Visas may proceed with the assistance to fill out the visa application using the DS-160 form, payment of fees, scheduling the interview at the Consulate American in India and all the necessary guidance for the personal interview to obtain your visa.

About the L-category work visa:

The US L work visa is intended to allow executives, managers or employees with specialized knowledge of a foreign company (outside the US) to be transferred to a US based company.

We separate below the requirements that the requesting company must demonstrate:

– The foreign company and the US company must have a corporate relationship, such as having a branch in the USA, incorporating a subsidiary in the USA or participating in a joint venture in the USA. However, the foreign company must have “control” of the US company, which means owning at least 51% of the shares of the US company.

– The employee to be transferred must have worked for the foreign company in a managerial, executive, or specialized position for at least one continuous year within the three years immediately preceding his or her admission to the United States.

– The employee must enter the United States to work for the US affiliated company, whether in an executive, managerial or specialist knowledge capacity. This means that the person will have to manage or direct other employees in the company structure, or have specialized knowledge as an employee. In addition, the US subsidiary company must be prepared to hire these employees on its payroll;

– The employee must be qualified to hold an executive, managerial or specialist position in the US;

– The foreign company must continue to conduct business while the transferred employee is in the US;

– The transferred employee must continue to work in a managerial or executive position (L-1A) or in a position involving specialized knowledge (L-1B). However, the applicant does not have to perform the same work in the US as he/she did in the home country as, for example, an individual who had specialized knowledge in the home country could enter the US as a manager or executive. For Training visa to Australia

Advantages of the L Visa:

The most favorable aspect of an L-1 visa is that the visa holder can have dual intent; this means that the holder can apply for permanent residency.
Your dependents, that is, your children and spouse, can apply for an L-2 visa.
L visa holders will be able to travel in and out of the US for as long as it is valid.
The spouse will be eligible to obtain a work permit. In addition, children will be able to attend a public or private school in the US. The children will not be able to work.

L visa validity period:

Executives or managers (and their designated immediate family members) may remain in the US for a period not exceeding seven (7) years. Employees with specialized knowledge may stay for a maximum of five (5) years. If the US company is a “new” company (i.e. not active for more than a year), the initial L-1 visa will be granted for 1 year. After this one year period, the applicant must demonstrate that the company is effectively doing business (ie, demonstrate growth in the number of employees, increase in revenues and increase in the volume of goods sold or services provided). If the US company is not a new company, then the initial tenure period will be 3 years.

Step by step to apply for the L Visa:

After the petition is sent to the American Consulate in India:

1st step is to fill in the form in the American Consulate system: after you have contracted the services of Our Visas, we will start the consultancy and the first step will be to collect your information to fill in the DS-260. An American visa specialist from Our Visas will perform this service. With the information, we begin the analysis of the profile and we will establish, together with the visa applicant, the best way to present this information to the Consulate. Each member of your family (who qualifies to emigrate to the United States with you under this visa category) must have a completed form.

2nd step is the organization of the documentation: at this moment, we will provide a documentation checklist with all the documents recommended by the American Consulate and we will carry out the verification of your documentation that must be presented to the consular officer on the day of the interview. Our Visas’ role is to advise, so this is the time to resolve any doubts or insecurities.

3rd step is the interview: Our Visas will pay the fee to the client and the amount may vary according to the variation of the dollar. After confirming the payment of the consular fee, we will make an appointment for the interview at the American Consulate. This appointment will be made by Our Visas according to the applicant’s availability (from Monday to Friday). About the interview, it is done in Portuguese and this moment is usually the most feared for some people, but it is the most important and crucial moment to get your visa. Know that there is no reason to fear this moment, since everything the Consular Officer needs to know, he will already have access through the DS260 form and petition and you WILL BE GUIDED BY WORLD VISAS not to make common mistakes that could deny your visa.


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