L Work Visa for the United States I L Visa for the USA

IMPORTANT: The initial petition for the L visa must be requested by the applicant company in the US, with the US immigration agency, the USCIS. After approval of the petition, the form i797 (approval notice) will be generated, in possession of this document, Our Visas may proceed with the assistance to fill out the visa application using the DS-160 form, […]

Tips and Tricks You need to know US Visa!

Since Joe Biden assumed the US presidency, the expectation is that immigration laws will be revised and less restrictive. While new measures are not implemented, will we know the current types of visas, the documents required? The first step for anyone planning to apply for a job in the United States legally is to file a petition. This procedure must […]

4 Essential Reasons To Invest In A Mattress Protector Today!

Introduction Protection for your mattress is an essential thing that your mattress needs. One always has a question about which mattress protector should one purchase? These days the mattresses in the market cost a fortune, and for a good reason. The comfort provided by these mattresses justifies the sky-high prices. Thus, spending a little more money on mattress protection would […]

How to choose cheap flights

Who doesn’t feel good about traveling spending as little as possible? Finding cheap flights online can be a real headache and end up being one of the biggest outlays on our vacations. Fortunately, there are certain tricks that can help you find plane tickets at the best price. If you want to save money on your vacation, we explain how […]