Who doesn’t feel good about traveling spending as little as possible? Finding cheap flights online can be a real headache and end up being one of the biggest outlays on our vacations. Fortunately, there are certain tricks that can help you find plane tickets at the best price.

If you want to save money on your vacation, we explain how to search for cheap flights successfully.

Google Flights, more than a flight:

Google Flights is one of the best tools on the market to find cheap flights. Just like KAYAK or Sky scanner, in this application you will find many options to find a cheap trip. One of its strengths is that it gives priority to cheap flights that are under 50 euros, and also shows you the cheapest routes when marking a trip in its search engine.

If you want to hurry up to the last penny on the trip, we have flexible dates and you do not have a preferred destination, it is best to let Google choose the round trip, as well as the destination. Taking into account what we told you before, the search engine will return the cheapest date range during the months that we have selected.

In the event that we want to travel on a specific date, look at the calendar, because the cheapest days are marked in green.

In addition, in Google Flights you can access a price history in which you can check the months and weeks where the ticket has been cheaper in the selected destination.

To choose a destination, consulting the Google Flights map is also a good option. You will be able to point out the cheapest destinations in the world in a very visual way. Remember that if you travel abroad it is recommended that you take out travel insurance, we explain in this article the reasons for doing so. For Visa related inquiries click here

Tips for finding cheap flights online:

In addition to using applications such as Google Flights, or such as Skyscanner, Expedia there are other things that you must take into account to find a cheap flight.

What is the best day to buy tickets?

This is the big question. In general terms, it is not advisable to buy tickets on Friday or Saturday, and we must avoid weekends to book flights. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days; and the best time, three in the afternoon. Some reports specify that on Sundays cheaper rates can be found for flights in economy and premium class.

Date flexibility:

If we can not travel in high season or during holiday periods such as Christmas or Easter, we will have more chances of finding this type of flight.

Destinations with cheap flights:

Why not do the search in reverse? Instead of looking for a cheap flight to the chosen destination, one option is to look for cheap flights and choose the destination that most appeals to us. Among all the options, you will surely find something that catches your attention! With the Flight connections tool you can find out the plane routes from the airport of origin.

The earlier, the more chances of success:

If we search in advance, you will have more opportunities to get a cheap flight. Some studies set the time in advance with which you must buy your plane ticket at 70 days, although Expedia, for example, reduces this period to three weeks.

Delete cookies or use the incognito mode of the browser:

If you have done a few flight searches from your computer, it is likely that the airline knows that you are interested in flying on those days and that the price of the tickets will increase the next time you visit their website.

The solution is to delete the cookies from your browser (there are extensions that do it for you) or, directly, browse in incognito mode.

Study the round trip separately:

Although we tend to think that round trip is cheaper, before buying, investigate the price of acquiring them separately. Sometimes you will be able to find a combination of flights with different companies at a better price.

Scales are your friends:

Although we all prefer direct flights, try to include stopovers in your search and compare the price with the direct flight. If you have several hours of layover, you can even get to know one more destination.

Check several flight  and buy from the airlines:

Study the prices of several companies and several flight. We advise you to visit Kayak, Skyscanner

Don’t lose sight of airline prices either. Once you have the schedule and the company, look for it on the airline’s own page.

Which is the best airport?

Larger cities have more than one airport, and the one that is further from the center tends to have a lower price. Check if it is worth the displacement in terms of time and money.

Activate the alerts:

If you register with both flight search engines and airlines, you can activate alerts to be sent to you. Following up on Twitter is also interesting to keep up to date with all your offers.

In short, if you want to get a cheap flight you will need some patience and follow the advice that we have just presented. Once you have your budget closed, you can request the ABANCA 24h Loan and calculate the installments with the simulator based on the amount you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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