All international travelers must apply for a visa to enter the country.
Australia cancels  visa and he will have to leave the country immediately without playing the Open.
These are the countries to which a Spaniard can travel with the DNI without the need for a passport.

Whether you are traveling for holidays, business or for a long stay, one of the essential requirements to enter Australia is to apply for a visa. This is an obligation that applies to all international travelers and tourists, the only exception being Australian or New Zealand nationality, as well as being in the country solely as a connecting flight to another destination.

For all other circumstances, a visa must be requested, which will be requested at the time of check-in or boarding for Australia. However, there is not a single visa and it will depend on the reason for the stay and the time.

Visa for vacations or visits to relatives:

If the reason for your trip to this country is for leisure, vacation or to visit family or friends, holders of a European Union passport must apply for an eVisitor visa  through this link, as indicated at the Australian Embassy. The same goes for those who travel to attend a business visit, such as a conference or an interview.

With this type of visa you can stay in the country for up to three months and its issuance is free and can be requested on this web platform. However, due to the current situation caused by the covid pandemic, Australia maintains strict regulations regarding the entry of tourists and foreigners. “You can still apply for a visa to visit Australia, but you may not be able to enter Australia at this time,” they warn.

Visas for stays of up to 12 months:

In order to stay longer in Australia, you must apply for a different visa, such as the visitor (subclass 600). The stay in this case can be up to 12 months to visit relatives or friends, for tourism or for another purpose that is not working or receiving medical treatment.

You can apply electronically through this web link, but due to the covid pandemic, visa processing times have been altered and applications may take longer to resolve.

When applying for either of the two visas, the first step will be to gather all the necessary documentation to support the application that proves your identity, proof that you have enough money for your stay and to leave Australia, or plans to your trip. .

And to be able to work in Australia?

It is not possible to work on these visas and any applicant seeking a short-term work opportunity in Australia should consider applying for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa. This type of visa is granted for up to six months (depending on the circumstances), although it is advisable to request a more solid visa for work stays for a period of more than three months.

To obtain this visa, you must have the skills, knowledge or experience necessary to work in Australian companies and you can only carry out the work activities for which the visa is granted.

In any case, there are 44 different types of visas that can be requested to enter the country depending on the reason. Through this website you can check all the options available for staying in Australia, such as for job training, to participate in a research project, for exchange programs, for investments or for specialized jobs, among others.

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