Travel abroad being organized and the great concern of parents and guardians is how to obtain a US visa for minors.

In this case, when we talk about minors, we are referring to the American visa for children and adolescents, and for them the procedures for removing the document are very simple.

It is necessary to fill out the DS-160 form, pay the fees and schedule an appointment with the CASV, where bio metric data is collected and documents are checked, and an interview is carried out at the Consulate.

Interview exemption – US visa for minors:

For minors under 18, aged between 14 and 17, the interview is mandatory and a parent or legal guardian must attend.

Currently, only people between the ages of 0 and 13 (and 80 years and over) are exempt from attending interviews.

It is worth mentioning that the Consular Agent, if he deems it necessary, may request the presence of these people for the interview.

This applies in cases where the passport or visa has been stolen or lost or where the applicant has been denied a visa on other occasions.

In random cases, through raffles, applicants exempt from the consular interview may be summoned for the interview, with attendance being mandatory.

This happens when the requestor or their representative goes through the step:

What is your biggest advantage in this?

Even though it is not necessary to interview and not even collect bio metric data for people aged 0 to 13, it is necessary to present the respective documents requested to obtain an American visa.

This procedure, however, may be carried out by the applicant himself or by any other person.

As many people live far from cities that have a Consulate or do not even have the time available to take care of the errands, exemption from the interview can be very useful.

For some applicants, hiring a US visa advisor appears as a practical, safe and economical option.

The amount paid for travel, accommodation and food for the whole family is much higher than hiring an advisor.

She will take care of all the steps of the process and will also represent, in this case of exemption from the interview, the applicant.

That’s right, you don’t even have to leave the house for your child between the ages of 0 and 13 to have a US visa. For Australian Visa

For a small fee, you will have all the comfort and convenience to go through the process for your child’s US visa and will not have to face hours of travel and queues.

Porto Visas has experience in this practice, providing all online support to its customers and taking care of all the details for applying for a US visa.

Saving money on the US visa is a smart attitude for travelers who don’t like to waste time and money.

Documents required for CASV representation:

In order to apply for a US visa for minors, it is necessary to present a series of documents.

The first one is the Form DS-160 filled out and printed with the photo of the minor, in addition to the valid passport

It is important to present previous passports, especially if they have visas for the United States, even if expired.

In addition to two photos following the standards requested by the US Embassy.

You must have proof of payment of the visa application fee in hand.

In case of renewal of a valid visa, or one expired in the last 12 months, also include the passport with the visa.

If one or both parents hold a valid US visa, the parent(s) will be required to present copy(s) of their own visa(s) s) at the time the child’s visa application is submitted.

This requirement applies to children under the age of 14:

With this information and the list of documents, you can prepare to obtain the US visa for minors and proceed with the preparations for your trip.

We know how planning is an important part of your trip and we want you to enjoy every step of the way.

Porto Visas is available to assist in any procedure regarding documents necessary for your trip.