A road trip is certainly one of the most rewarding ways to travel: by car you can fully enjoy the taste of freedom by moving at will without imposing timetables or routes. However, organizing a road trip is not always so simple, especially if you are a beginner or in a country far from home.

There are several aspects to consider: the itinerary to be built, the duration of the trips to be calculated, the choice of things to see, the car rental … Where to start? What to pay particular attention to?

1 – Check the feasibility of the trip by car:

The first phase is to focus on the destination and the area to be explored. First of all, it is important to check that the car is the most suitable vehicle for the trip. Do you want to visit a metropolis or take a tour from one city to another? Then perhaps it is worth considering traveling by train or bus.

Traveling by car has a number of consequences, including first of all parking: parking the car inside a big city can be problematic (it is not always easy to find parking) as well as expensive.

There is also another thing to consider: car rental is possible not only at the airport, but often also in the city center, and, indeed, in this way it can be even more convenient.

2 – Build the itinerary before leaving:

Traveling on the road requires some planning. The crucial phase is the definition of the stages: where do you want to start from? What will your final stage be? Use Google Maps to calculate the travel times and be realistic: if you only have two weeks, don’t expect to be able to travel coast to coast through Canada.

How to choose the stages? Read up on: search the net (you can also find the itineraries of those who have already been there to inspire you) and get a good travel guide: only by reading, searching and investigating you can understand what you really don’t want to miss. For Visa Click Here

3 – Do not take too long stages:

When building your travel itinerary try not to build an itinerary too full of exhausting stages of a thousand kilometers a day. You are still on vacation, so leave room to relax and enjoy the places you are visiting.

Do you have a very long stage that you cannot do without? Expect a change in the guide or consider the possibility of breaking the journey into several intermediate stages.

4 – Calculate a few more days:

Canceled or anticipated flights, bad weather, roads closed due to work, traffic …: the unexpected is an aspect to be taken into account, even and above all when it comes to organizing a trip on the road. But what does this entail? Well, first of all you need to learn to be patient and take it philosophically, perhaps improvising a plan B at the last moment. ATV Rental in LA

The most useful advice, however, is to always foresee a few “buffer” hours or days, or calculate some extra time close to the return flight, for example.

5- Choose your rental car carefully:

This advice comes last but not because it is less important, quite the opposite! If you are planning a trip in high season or to an island, where the availability of cars may be limited, book your rental car well in advance. This way you can also take advantage of promotions or discounted offers.

The choice of the type of car is up to you because it depends on the number of people, the budget, the number of suitcases, the type of road you will have to face … But above all, don’t forget to check the rental conditions carefully: the mileage is unlimited ? Is there the possibility of adding a second driver for free? Do you need a credit card? Is there a minimum age required? Do you need an international driving license? What type of coverage is provided? What damages does it respond to?

If you decide to book a rental car on a dedicated portal such as Auto Europe, you can compare the prices of different companies, but not only: you can check all the rental conditions with a clear and complete overview.