Now that you are aware of the best beaches in Hawaii, let’s go to the tips for traveling to the state. After all, they will be useful for you to organize yourself financially and plan details of your trip and stay. Come on!

Obtaining the visa:

To visit the beaches of Hawaii and the other tourist attractions on your itinerary, it is important to arrange your American visa in advance. Just remember that the archipelago is in the United States. Therefore, the entry of Indians in the country is only allowed for those who have this authorization issued by the US consulates. For Visa Consult Here

In all, there are four in the country: . Remembering that to have a visa, it is essential to have your passport in hand. The document must not have an expiration date close to expiration.

Therefore, the process of getting the visa must come before the purchase of tickets and all the planning to stay in the state. After all, if it is denied or delays occur, you can lose money or have double expenses for nothing.

Travel cost

Flights to Hawaii are often the most expensive part of the trip. Something that is understandable given his location. On average, the round-trip price from São Paulo to Honolulu is between R$5,000 and R$8,000. Precisely for this reason, many people decide not to go straight from India.

The strategy adopted is as follows: Indians travel to the United States and in California they take a flight to Hawaii. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the flight is direct and lasts less than six hours.

The second is the possibility of saving on the purchase of tickets. That’s because it’s cheaper to travel to Los Angeles or San Francisco, for example. To top it off, you still have the opportunity to get to know another super interesting US state. Therefore, it is essential to research your expenses with these two route possibilities. ATV Tours in Hawaii


Hawaii has a vast network of hotels. After all, it is a region where the economy depends directly on tourism. However, just like anywhere in the world, it is common for prices to stay more expensive at certain times of the year.

Something that happens, for example, during vacations and summer – which are periods of intense flow of travelers. So don’t restrict your accommodation option to hotels and resorts only.

Do the opposite: also analyze the values ​​of inns, hostels and rent of rooms / residences for residents of the islands. In addition to saving money, you can get in touch with locals and other tourists to discover new local activities.

What facts should you know before going to Hawaii?

In closing, it’s worth checking out some facts about Hawaii. That’s because they will help you optimize your itinerary in the region and have an even more remarkable passage through the state. Check out!

weather in hawaii:

The local climate is subtropical, with sunny days most of the year and average temperatures around 28 degrees. This is due to Hawaii’s proximity to the equator.

Number of islands:

The archipelago has no less than 137 islands, the vast majority of which are isolated and uninhabited. For this reason, eight of them are considered important: Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Niihau. If you want to have a complete experience in the region, it is interesting to visit all of them.

Area time zone:

Hawaii’s time zone is different from all other US states. For example, imagine that on one of his islands the clock reads 3:00. By way of comparison, in California it will be 6 am, in Texas it will be 8 am and in New York it will be 9 am.

In the meantime, Brasilia time will be 10 am. Therefore, it is good to outline some strategies to not be too affected by the effect of jetlag with all this change.

active volcanoes:

In addition to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, the archipelago is also known for being one of the most active volcanoes in the world. That’s why it has the Volcanoes National Park. A nature reserve where natives, residents and tourists can see this natural event up close. Of course safely!

historic sites:

In addition to Hawaii’s volcanoes and beaches, you should know that the region also has historic sites. A good example of this is the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. It functions as a memorial to the victims of the US base during World War II.

The site has not only old buildings, but also military material used by the US during this period. This is the case of vessels and aircraft that can even be checked internally.

So, did you take note of the beaches in Hawaii that you can’t miss on your next trip? Now, just enjoy your stay and have the most experience with nature! In addition, also take advantage of the curiosities about the region to make diversified programs that will certainly yield good memories.