American Visa:

It is the first step for your trip to Los Angeles, because without a US visa it will not be possible to board, either to the City of Angels or to any other place in the United States.

Currently, the cost for issuing a tourist visa is US$160 and the first thing you need to do is fill in the DS-160 form in English and then make the payment.

There are several steps to complete the visa and, for you to stay on top of the whole step by step, check out our post on how to get a US visa


You will need to purchase the country’s currency. And to avoid very high conversion rates – especially for the dollar – we use and recommend Nomad Global, which offers you several options from within its application. Easy, simple and practical, to save on the purchase of the dollar for your trip, just open an American checking account and insert the coupon CASALABORDO, to receive US$ 10.00 cashback on your first remittance.

From the app, it is possible to make remittances of foreign exchange by TED and Pix with excellent rates, since the quotation used is the commercial dollar. ,You will have an international card to use without the 6.38% IOF charge, you can use the virtual card through the app, send and receive dollars from anywhere in the world and many other wonderful services that make an international trip easier.

Another option is Confidence Exchange. In addition to practicality, it is very reliable and offers a great variety of services, always offering the best quotes.

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Travel insurance for the United States:

Did you know that travel insurance is one of the most important items when planning a trip? A lot of people end up letting it go, but being safe in an unknown country that doesn’t have a public health system is a great advantage, because unforeseen events happen everywhere.

To give you an idea, an emergency consultation in the United States costs, on average, US$200, which when converted to reais (May/2022) is based on $984. That is, a high value that can end up compromising the budget of your dream trip.

When purchasing travel insurance, you will have medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and dental coverage. You will still be covered for unforeseen events related to your flight, such as cancellations, delays and lost luggage.

We always close our travel insurance with Real Seguros, which offers the best coverage at unbeatable prices. If you still have doubts, it is worth reading our post on how international travel insurance works.

American voltage:

Many people end up forgetting a very important detail: the type of voltage and outlets in the United States. After all, we need to charge our electronics.

The country’s standard voltage is 115V to 127V, and the outlets are the three-pin ones, with two flat pins and one rounded in the middle. To solve this “problem” is very simple: just buy a universal adapter and that’s it, your equipment will be charged.

But before that, it’s good to check the voltage of your device, so you avoid that it ends up burning.

Final considerations:

Now that you know everything about Los Angeles, it’s time to organize the other details of your trip. As mentioned before, you can buy your tickets for all the parks and attractions in Los Angeles, at the best price on the market, with excellent payment terms, through our store. Just get in touch to request your quote, or send an email.

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