/What Are Peridot Stones Good For?

What Are Peridot Stones Good For?

Peridot stones are one of the two gemstones that make up the precious peridot gemstone. The other stone that makes up peridot is the olivine, which adds a slight yellow-green tint to the stone’s color. While most peridot stone do have some olivine in them, they also contain other minerals as well, which help determine its color and value. As with most gems, peridot stones vary greatly in quality and price; thus knowing what they’re good for helps you determine if they’re right for you and your jewelry collection.


The History of Peridot

Peridot has been valued for thousands of years. Native Americans used it to make tools and weapons long before European settlers came to America. In ancient times, people believed that peridot would protect them from harm. Egyptians incorporated peridot into their jewelry-making because they thought it would keep evil spirits away. Today, many people still wear peridot for its mystical powers or simply as a symbol of love and friendship. If you want to learn more about how peridot can be part of your life, contact an international jeweler today. They’ll be happy to help you find out what makes peridot so special.


Metaphysical Properties

If you’re shopping for a peridot stone, consider buying a larger piece. Larger pieces of peridot are more rare than smaller ones, and thus will have much more value to them. Of course, if you’re not one to go around wearing gigantic rings on your fingers or garish necklaces around your neck, a large peridot stone may not be worth your time. If that’s the case, stick with something small but beautiful; a small piece of lapis or emerald could complement any outfit without being too flashy or cumbersome.

And while they might not be as big as some other gemstones, these smaller gems are just as valuable in their own right. The best part about jewelry is that it can often double as an investment. Buy what you like most and don’t feel guilty about paying extra for rarity—that goes for both large and small stones alike! When it comes to physical health, there aren’t many special properties associated with peridot stones—in fact, some even say that they can cause illness in high doses!


Buyers Guide

Peridot stones are a green variety of olivine. The most prized ones come from San Carlos, California, which produces some of the most stunning peridots on earth. They’re beautiful and are often used in high-end jewelry, but don’t mistake them for emeralds—emeralds are not made out of peridots. Unlike most gems, which come from deep below ground, peridots form during volcanic eruptions where magma meets oxygenated seawater in thin layers just below Earth’s surface.

The result is an olive-green stone that ranges from transparent to translucent. In fact, one of its names comes from peri, meaning around or near, and odote, meaning to be green. In ancient times, they were thought to be good luck charms and even today many people believe they can protect you against bad spirits. But what are peridot stones good for? Aside from being gorgeous and eye-catching, these gemstones have been used for centuries as talismans against evil spirits. Legend has it that rubbing a piece of peridot against your skin can help ward off illness or promote fertility in women. It was also believed that if you carried a piece with you at all times it would protect you against bad dreams or nightmares.