shortly before midnight this evening police who were on patrol on south street

Theard numerous gunshots coming from the 200 block of south street police were already on location and they observed

several active shooters shooting into the crowd one of the officers observing an active shooter

Title 1

discharged at that individual that was an active shooter it's unclear at this time whether that individual was struck or not  there are at least two guns that have

been recovered from the scene one with an extended magazine at this time as a result of the shooting we have numerous

shell casings throughout the 200 block and 300 block of south street 14 individuals.

we know have been struck by gunfire and taken to area hospitals three of those individuals two men and a woman were pronounced deceased

After arrival at the hospital suffering from multiple gunshot wounds  to the body. I want to emphasize that south street is manned by numerous police officers

This is standard deployment for Friday and Saturday nights weekends and especially during the  summer months