/The True Definition of Communication

The True Definition of Communication

The above title could seem elementary; nonetheless, I guarantee you that it is not. The fact is that most people do not communicate effectively at all; hence, they do not really grasp the definition of communication.

The goal of this article is to provide you with a more in-depth definition and understanding of the same. The objective in doing this is to help you communicate more effectively by using the correct instruments and/or resources.

By definition, to speak means the mutual giving and/or change of information and/or ideas. In this vein then, efficient communication is to make sure that mutually given and/or exchanged information and/or concepts or not only clearly conveyed but additionally acutely understood by all parties concerned within the circle of the communication.

Simply put, you might be responsible for what you say and accountable on your actions therein. This is the ideal and pinnacle of effective communication.

As considered one of my teachers puts it, and I truly have come to expertise and believe, “The quality of your communication equals the quality of your life.”

To the degree you could convey your messages and understand yours and others viewpoints, the outcomes you achieve will mirror the level of that clarity. As with diamonds – not all stones are made equally pure.

To this end, it is essential that you just understand the true which means of speaking successfully and to try this it is vital that you simply first have an in-depth understanding of the true definition of communication.

First, let’s understand that we spend about 75% or more of our waking hours doing these four things: reading, writing, speaking and listening. All of those are forms of communication.

Let’s define what it means to speak successfully via these methods.

As it pertains to writing or speaking, there are specific things of which you should be aware of and take responsibility for if you find yourself the initiator in these instances.

First, you need to endeavor to take full responsibility for what you write or say and also the clarity of those communications. This signifies that if the message within is misconstrued, you are not in charge the recipient(s) of the message but instead, accept the burden that you’re the one charged with guaranteeing the message is clear. Surely you cannot be anticipated to think for another person or to know that what you say will penetrate them the way you want it to; however, you’ll be able to take the position of humility and easily rephrase or ask for clarification on the way you may higher current your message so that the recipient(s) will get the image you are attempting to paint.

The point is to take full responsibility for conveying your message clearly and quite than merely doing the way you like to read or hear it – focus on those for whom the message is intended. Your goal should be to make positive they understand because it is about them and never you.

Second, if there should be anything anticipated from the recipient(s) of your message, it is your responsibility to let them know in some unspecified time in the future in your communication. In different words, you need to provide the call-to-action. If you do not, you can not then be upset or frustrated when they don’t respond or reply as you might need expected.

This is a quick guideline to comply with if you find yourself the initiator of communication:

Tell them what you’re going to inform them
Inform them
Inform them what you told them
This technique of conveying your message ensures that much more folks will understand your message a lot more quickly and fully.

As it pertains to reading or listening, there are certain things of which you must be aware of and take responsibility for if you end up the recipient in these instances.

First, you should be willing to read or listen without pre-conceived notions. I realize that this may be very troublesome in some cases; nevertheless, the practice will actually increase the efficacy of your communications. Individuals who truly understand the definition of communication practice these relentlessly.

As the recipient of any communication our final goal should remain to be that we are open, willing and only seeking true understanding of what is being read or said. Only then do we formulate our opinions, feedback or advice depending on what is being asked or stated. We read and listen genuinely so that we will respond in a real and authentic manner.

Second, you will need to stay accountable to any call-to-action after getting agreed to it. This is how the circle of communication is completed and efficient; it is only when all concerned parties settle for responsibility and remain accountable to the cost therein.

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