/Bottleneck XIX – Stormfront

Bottleneck XIX – Stormfront

I’m not the type who has to go out to fancy restaurants to have a good time. As the opening riff of The Used’s “Pretty Handsome Awkward” comes on through the arena speakers, the arena lights dim out ad the video wall comes to life with a countdown followed by flashing words on the screen. Tell us how you came up with your screen name on Chaturbate My boyfriend called me little miss pretty a few times back when i just had a tumblr blog.. She let a few more tears escape. Many women do not realize that their body needs to consumed more fat grams, than the average male body does. What male celebrity do you find attractive Harrison Ford in his prime. Seriously. On a positive note, you could find some beta dude with lots of cash that could support you. He was a jock type. What type of body decorations do you have? I have a lip ring, belly ring, and ear rings but i’d really like to get tattoos sometime in the near near future. Tell us about your piercings and what motivated you to do them All the piercings i’ve had done were my tongue twice, my nipples twice, my belly button, triangle piercing, my nose, anti tragus and my ear lobes.

What’s the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? Last spontaneous thing i’ve done has to be flying to California for the first time. In your opinion what is the best thing about being 27? Clubbing, shaping and choosing my own life, no wrinkles, tons of energy. Whats the wildest thing you’ve done on cam? The night I introduced a friend on Chatrubate. We went on cam together. 13500992

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and beyond. A quote you live by “The only way to deal with a unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existance is an act of rebellion”. Do you have a quote you live by? Yup the famous quote from Marilyn Monroe : “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. It is a little difficult with kids sometimes so I just put it up in curls or some other updo style. What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? I was asked to put on all the underwear i own. He thought he was going to have a real reality show about his family and about his career.

Female Fashion Smiles “They’re very close characters, they’re very close in real life. According to the Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce my real name means desire and expectation rolled into one. Name a book that changed your life Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Name an album you cant live without I don’t have a favorite but the album I play the most is The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists. Favorite webcam memory Hmmm, i’d have to say when i was on chaturbate and had over 1,100 viewers for over an hour. Favorite webcam memory I don’t have any favorites, anytime I go on it is a good memeory. Pets? I have a pitbull named Daisy. Which begs the question: do these women have a point? Do you have any Chatterbate crushes? For girls, alizamonae1 is definitely my favorite to watch. What would you say is your best feature? I’d have to say I LOVE my big ass Naked, it’s my favorite part of my body, it just has a great shape.

Do you have any fetishes? I like to be dominated and sometimes tied up, I like the feeling of being in an unpredictable situation, I love the thrill of it. Feeling drunker by the second, I leaned against the table. Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaterbate? No not yet, but I like it when i have a crush, I love being in love, I love the feeling. I have a favorite kinda porn to 😛 lol :bukakke’s turn me on alot! What turns you on most? Honestly watching porn turns me on alot. Any embarrassing webcam moments? I trip and fall alot or spilling my drinks all over my computer.. Despite webcam services is considered much safer compared to the rest of the sex industry, webcam employees face a number of challenges. Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show from? In the car, long time ago, i`m planning to do some other crazy on location broadcasts.