/Aston Martin DB11 – The ultimate GT

Aston Martin DB11 – The ultimate GT

Aston Martin’s DB11 replaces the DB9 and brings with it the latest technology to the brand’s range of big-capacity GTs. The top-end model gets a new V12 engine and the 5.2-litre unit is equipped with twin turbos, resulting in 600bhp and 700Nm of torque. The engine is paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission mounted on the transaxle; performance is absolutely insane with the car sprinting from 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds. The DB11 is based on a new platform that is found on many new Aston models, like the DBX SUV and the new Vantage. This structure is stiffer and gets lots of aluminium in its build, but somehow weighs more than 1800kgs. The DB11 is packed with performance and comes with a modern chassis featuring multi-link rear suspension, a double wishbone up-ahead and adaptive dampers. According to Aston, the DB11 is their ‘softest’ offering yet, which means it’s very comfortable and promises sharp handling at the same time.


From the outside, the Aston Martin DB11 draws some of its styling inspiration from the DB10 and it cannot be mistaken for being anything other than a product from Aston Martin Cars. The low-slung silhouette, the long hood and the stubby tail section add up to perfect proportions. It gets modern lines and design cues that are sure to attract crowds, and these lines also help in terms of aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring the Aston Martin DB11 stays planted. Aston Martin Cars also provide its customers with a range of personalisation options.

Sport meets luxury

You can personalise the interior of the Aston Martin DB11, which is hand-crafted, so you get a lot of leather and wood. If you know your cars, you’ll spot Mercedes-sourced switchgear around, and since Aston has collaborated with Mercedes to supply the electronic systems, the car gets the Mercedes Comand control wheel on the central console and you get the single-stalk wiper/light control behind the steering; everything is well put together and there’s that typical Aston Martin finish in everything you touch.

Relaxed and agile

The DB11 handles agility remarkably well and absorbs rough roads seamlessly. This composure is the result of a brand new scalable extruded and bonded aluminium architecture, which is stiffer, further allowing the suspension to work in a better manner. Up-front, it features a double wishbone setup while the rear gets a new multi-link axle. The DB11 also gets adaptive dampers as standard along with an electric power steering. You can choose from three driving modes: GT, Sport and Sport+. In GT, the car feels agile; the steering is quick and unnerving and the electrically assisted setup has a natural weight to it, with just the right amount of feedback available. The DB11 is very prompt in responding to the driver’s inputs and it’ll place itself exactly where you want it.

The tyres grip the roads like lizards on a wall even though the torque vectoring won’t work until you corner at very high speeds. Surprisingly, there is some body roll around bends but body movements are masked well for the most part even when dampers are in the softest setting. In Sport and Sport+, the car stays glued that bit more, further adding more heft to the steering while simultaneously sharpening throttle response. However, we think a majority of drivers will use it in the GT mode. All power is sent to the rear wheels and the car carries speeds into corners with immense poise. With stability control on, the change in the application of power can be felt. In Sport+, the electronic safety bits are more relaxed and that means you won’t have to worry about cornering like a pro. Being a GT car, a lot of people will drive it sedately, and in GT mode, the suspension take in bumps with ease. But because of the 20-inch alloy wheels, the harsh bits do filter through. The D11 is also very refined.